Marrico Simpson

Founder & President

Marrico Simpson is the Founder and President of 4MAS Grooming and serves on its board of directors.

Before becoming the Founder and President in August 2019, Marrico had to fight to earn his position in society. Life did not come easy, but his attitude is what brought him to where he is today.

Marrico’s early career in the military was a struggle. As a result, he was labeled a problem and even faced early dismissal due to his actions. But after timely advice from good mentors and leaders, he was able to turn things around and soon settled into his military career. As time passed, Marrico matured and excelled at an extremely rapid rate, allowing him to move up quickly in military rankings. Although he continued to face obstacles with his speech, Marrico never stopped proving doubters wrong. It was this resilient attitude that would see him start his first business as a young man of 23.

In 2011, Marrico established Cut N’ Shears Beauty and Barber Salon with the help of co-partners at the time. This was a dream come true for a young man who had first been introduced to the barbering and hair industry at age 11 by his friend James Williams and his Aunt Belinda. After being introduced to the industry and learning the craft, Marrico developed a deep passion for barbering. Over a decade later, he was able to pursue his passion while still serving in the military.

He didn’t stop there. Just a year later, Marrico opened the first barber school (CNS Beauty Academy) in Suffolk, VA at the age of 24. After receiving his Barber Instructor license, a short while later, he expanded his knowledge and became a Cosmetologist Instructor. Although he continued to struggle with his speech, Marrico was still able to touch the lives of others by adding value to those under his leadership in the military and his businesses.

In 2015, Marrico was discharged from the military due to a chronic kidney disease that had taken its toll on his health, causing him to become unfit for duty. After his release as a Disabled Veteran, he turned his full focus to his businesses. He has continued to work hard despite his health issues, speech impediment and full-time studies, first at Old Dominion, and then at Regent University, for Biblical Studies and Theology.

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