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4MAS Pro TL Blade For All 4MAS Trimmers

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The 2 hole Zero-Gapped T-Shape stagger tooth replacement stainless steel blade set are for all 4MAS Grooming Trimmers such as the Bipper Trimmer, Bullseye Trimmer, Pumas Trimmer and KION Trimmer.

  • It's intended for professional/daily use, perfect for Out-lining, detailing, detouring, fading, and balding.
  • Performance. Time tested and well-constructed blades set bring dependable, durable, and sharp performance. Blades can be set ultra-close 0.0mm (100% ZERO-GAPPED).
  • Easy Installation&Maintenance. Simply unscrew the old blades set on your trimmer and tighten the replacement blades set. Lubricate the blades before or after use follow the hair trimmer guidance.

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