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4MAS Blue Mint Head And Face Aftershave

SKU 00020
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Product Details

Shaving and Saving Your Skin

Daily maintenance shaving the head and the face can sometimes irritate the skin due to bacteria that causes razor bumps and other skin issues. Therefore, we have developed the Blue Mint Face and Scalp Aftershave—a moisturizing and refreshing aftershave suitable to give you a refreshing feel for the scalp and face. In a sleek, handsome 8oz bottle this aftershave is just what you’ve been searching for.

Why after shave:

· Locks in moisture

· Defends the skin against bacteria

· Guards against irritation

Why Blue Mint Face and Scalp Aftershave:

· Superior hydrating and moisturizing ingredients to heal the open shaved skin, disinfect the open pores, close the poresand give a final rehydration boost

· Fresh and macho scent

· Soothing and calming to the skin

Be supersmart and apply this aftershave in the final finish of your hair and beard grooming routine. Feel that you’re ahead of everyone else when you face the outside world. Blue Mint Face and Scalp Aftershave will give you that professional grooming sensation.

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