Celebrating Father’s Day With 4MAS Grooming

Celebrating Father’s Day With 4MAS Grooming

Author: Markaysha Bryant

On June 19, 2022, the nation will celebrate Father’s Day, a holiday that acknowledges the challenges and rewards of fatherhood and the impact that they leave on their loved ones.

Anyone can be a dad,

but not everyone can be a father. A father is a role model; he is supportive, loving, wise, patient, confident, protective, and exhibits unconditional love. A father is a leader who makes decisions for the best interest of his children and who makes sacrifices for his family. A father is self-less, always choosing to place his children before himself. A father is a teacher whose influence, behavior, and image hold weight.

Imagine the father hanging out with his daughter enjoying a spa day and tea party.

The daughter will learn self-care and increase her self-esteem. Imagine the father taking his son to the barbershop for the first time. The son will understand the importance of being well-groomed. In both scenarios, memories were created, and valuable lessons were learned. Lessons that will stick with them as they continue to grow and evolve.

Well-groomed fathers have the opportunity to implement the fundamentals of life, whether it is regarding a child’s personality or appearance.

They play an essential role in their Children’s lives because they aid in shaping who their children will become. Children admire their fathers, and they pay close attention to their actions, attitudes, and images; and as they progress, they often tend to mimic those tendencies or behaviors.

4MAS Grooming knows how hard it can be to find the appropriate gift for someone as unique as a father.

As Father’s Day approaches, we are doing our part to make the gift finding process more manageable; the CutBrush.

Geared towards anyone who has hair, the CutBrush is a combination of a hairbrush and a trimmer, ultimately simplifying one’s grooming experience, making a well-groomed look easily achievable. Some of the features of the CutBrush include detachable blades, bristles, and comb attachments. It is powered by a lithium-ion battery with four-hour battery life and features a detachable ambidextrous handle design.

Here at 4MAS, we know that there is nothing better than barbershop talk, but sometimes fathers can’t make it to the barbershop. There is a one-time investment of $64.99. After one use, the CutBrush will be an immediate return on your investment with both quick and efficient results keeping a father well-groomed.

The CutBrush is great for fathers that are busy or on the go

because it is convenient to maintain grooming in between shop visits. It is also easy to operate; one does not have to know anything about cutting hair to use it. Regardless of age, fathers will be able to use this product by simply knowing how to brush their hair. As our CEO and Founder Marrico Simpson says, “If you can brush it, you can cut it.”

Whether you are a wife buying it for your husband or a child buying it for your father, the CutBrush is affordable, convenient, and user-friendly, making it the perfect gift to keep fathers well-groomed; looking, and feeling their best so that they can continue to set examples for their children. You do not want to miss out on making this Father’s Day special with the 4MAS Grooming CutBrush.