Master Barber, Corey Ellis

Collaborating for Greatness – Corey Ellis (Barber Buff) x 4MAS Bullseye Trimmer

Regarded as far and away one of the best barbers in Delaware and the US, Corey Ellis is a larger than life figure in the industry. Consistently at the top of his game for over 10 years now, Corey symbolizes the hard hitting graft, raw talent and lively imagination that separates the best barbers from the rest.

So, when 4MAS Grooming Inc. reached out to Barber Buff, as he’s known in the community, to collaborate on a cool new trimmer, it was clear something great would result. After all, with the stylish, crisp cuts Corey is known for, and the innovative experience of 4MAS, you have the best of both worlds on the same team.
The result? 4MAS Grooming Inc.’s sweet new trimmer – the Bullseye Trimmer.
Barber Buff (stature and inspiration)
Corey Ellis is, by all standards, a celebrity barber. He has worked with some of the biggest names in the US entertainment and sports industry. He’s a regular at the Academy Awards and is trusted by all the big boys (and girls) to provide precise, show-stopping cuts.

Everyone that gets a cut from Barber Buff gets the full package, 100% of the time. This is why his customers love him and, sometimes, even travel several kilometers to enjoy his services. His Seaford, Delaware barbershop is always packed and yet Corey always finds time for every one of his customers.

Corey’s devotion to his craft and his unwavering commitment to quality have made him an inspiration in the barbering community. He has honed his skills over several years and achieved a level of consistent brilliance that lets him routinely deliver the sharpest cuts in the industry.
Basically, Corey embodies everything that is great about a master barber and it is these same qualities he is best known for that make up our must-have new trimmer.

Connecting with 4MAS to create the Bullseye Trimmer

As a master barber with over a decade servicing customers in the industry, Corey is as experienced as they come. Having worked with all types of customers, from kids to teenagers, males and females and all categories of celebrities, he has the perfect mix of knowledge to help create a trimmer that works for everybody.
He unselfishly put this knowledge to work in helping us at 4MAS create the innovative new Bullseye Trimmer. Corey helped us understand the exact steps he takes to ensure that customers have the most precise cuts without discomfort or injury.
With his input, we were able to create a trimmer that delivers feather-light cuts with the precision of a finely-honed razor. He helped us ensure that our trimmer won’t just deliver the sharpest cuts out there, it’ll be perfectly safe and usable for everyone.

Corey provided insight into how top notch trimmers should handle in the service of talented barbers. They say a workman is only as good as his tool, and Corey helped us create a tool that is better than most. With his input, we were able to find the perfect balance between power and precision, allowing us to create a well-balanced trimmer with a powerful engine.
Corey is right up there with the best in the industry, if not the best himself. The great input he unselfishly shared with us at 4MAS helped us create a trimmer that delivers sweet cuts worthy of the best.

About the Bullseye Trimmer

Many face problems when using trimmers because there aren’t many that are easy to use and deliver a flawless cut. Most trimmers are either clunky, too heavy, too sharp or just not finely tuned enough for precision cuts.

The Bullseye Trimmer was created to take care of all these problems and deliver consistent cuts that are worthy of the master barber, Corey Ellis, himself. The gold and black precision trimmer is designed to provide a smooth hair trimming experience for all users.

First thing that hits you about the Bullseye Trimmer is its weight. It’s designed to be a precision tool that lets you deliver the finest cuts and tightest designs, even where there’s little space. The trimmer is lightweight, perfect for easy handling and close designing.

It’s also a bit smaller than many clippers, which makes it handle even better. When it’s time to deliver precision cuts or get up close and personal with the tightest designs, the Bullseye Trimmer will be the perfect tool all round.

The blades are strong and sharp, for the cleanest cuts. Yet, they’re perfectly light and safe, you don’t have to worry about cuts or red lines after your haircut. They’re perfectly fine and smooth, and this prevents bruises or cuts to your skin.

The trimmer also comes with a powerful motor that lets it work great for both shaping up, designing and straight up haircuts. The powerful motor keeps the blades at the levels of power that are just right for you and ensures a perfect trim on every pass.

Continuing the specialty innovation of 4MAS trimmers, the Bullseye Trimmer is wireless and designed for easy use. It’s perfect whether you’re at home all day or need to cut on the go. Simply hook it up to a power source and let it charge a few hours and you can have a great haircut whenever you need one.

The trimmer is finished in deep black with an elegant gold highlight. This underscores its premium nature and sweet features designed to give you a haircut experience fit for a king.

Here’s a recap of the Bullseye Trimmer’s features:

● Lightweight for flexible cuts

● Small enough to handle easily

● Strong, sharp blades that deliver feather-light precision cuts

● Powerful motor for all kinds of trim

● Wireless trimmer with long lasting battery

● Elegant finish in deep black and shiny gold

How to get your hands on this bad boy

The Bullseye Trimmer provides everything you need in a powerful, precise hair trimming machine. It is small and lightweight for maximum handling and sharp, with a powerful motor to deliver the smoothest trimming experience.

It’s extremely easy to cop one of the Bullseye Trimmers. All you need to do is head on to our online shop and order one for yourself. It will be shipped directly to your doorstep, saving you the stress of a physical pickup.