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Our products are designed by professional barbers, who understand the simplicity in what works. Our products have been created with one key focus… simplicity in self grooming

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Mission, Vision  & Values

Our core values: Unity, Quality, and Diversity

4MAS is proud to define the mission of ethical and sustainable business practices by maximum customer satisfaction and hearty recommendations.


I found strength in the faith of my peers. It is because of our unity we were able to achieve this remarkable product.


From our signature CutBrush and classic straight razors to custom made clippers and minted aftershaves, we have all of the bases covered with our full list of professional salon products to ensure that you look and feel great.


We are committed to keeping ALL looking their best at all times.

We are Focused!

And will continue to raise the bar.

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EXECUTIVE Board of Directors

Marrico Simpson

Marrico Simpson

CEO and President

Sasha Carr

Sasha Carr


Bridget Simpson

Bridget Simpson


Board of Directors

Jeffrey Carpp

Jeffrey Carpp

Financial Advisor

Gary Cordon

Gary Cordon

VP Communications

Jools Theriault

Jools Theriault

VP Marketing