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Our products are designed by professional barbers, who understand the simplicity in what works. Our products have been created with one key focus… simplicity in self grooming


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Our core values: Unity, Quality, and Diversity

4MAS is proud to define the mission of ethical and sustainable business practices by maximum customer satisfaction and hearty recommendations.


I found strength in the faith of my peers. It is because of our unity we were able to achieve this remarkable product.


From our signature CutBrush and classic straight razors to custom made clippers and minted aftershaves, we have all of the bases covered with our full list of professional salon products to ensure that you look and feel great.


We are committed to keeping ALL looking their best at all times.

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Our Founder

A Born Fighter

Marrico Simpson

Marrico Simpson

CEO and Founder

Early Childhood

Marrico Simpson was born and raised in a rural, low poverty area called State Line, in Waynesboro, Mississippi. From childhood, Marrico struggled with a severe speech impediment that challenged his confidence and caused others to dismiss him. He was often picked upon and even bullied due to this, making him a laughing stock before his peers.

But Marrico was a born fighter. Not only would he stand up to bullies in physical fights, he also constantly challenged himself mentally and refused to give up. Though he was an average student in school – regularly scoring C’s, with B’s and A’s less frequently – he always did his best.

After finishing high school, he joined the US Navy when he found out he could no longer pursue his dream to play college basketball.


Marrico’s early career in the military was a struggle due to his immaturity as a teenager. As a result, he was labeled a problem and even faced early dismissal from service due to his actions. But after timely advice from good mentors and leaders, he was able to turn things around and soon settled into his military career. As time passed, Marrico matured and excelled at an extremely rapid rate, allowing him to move up quickly in military rankings. Although he continued to face obstacles with his speech, Marrico never stopped proving doubters wrong. It was this resilient attitude that would see him start his first business as a young man of 23.
In 2011, Marrico established Cut N’ Shears Beauty and Barber Salon with the help of co-partners at the time. This was a dream come true for a young man who had first been introduced to the barbering and hair industry at age 11 by his friend James Williams and his Aunt Belinda. After being introduced to the industry and learning the craft, Marrico developed a deep passion for barbering. Over a decade later, he was able to pursue his passion while still serving in the military.
He didn’t stop there. Just a year later, Marrico opened the first barber school (CNS Beauty Academy) in Suffolk, VA at the age of 24. After receiving his Barber Instructor license, a shoert while later, he expanded his knowledge and became a Cosmetologist Instructor. Although he continued to struggle with his speech, Marrico was still able to touch the lives of others by adding value to those under his leadership in the military and his businesses.
In 2015, Marrico was discharged from the military due to a chronic kidney disease that had taken its toll on his health, causing him to become unfit for duty. After his release as a Disabled Veteran, he turned his full focus to his businesses. He has continued to work hard despite his health issues, speech impediment and full-time studies, first at Old Dominion, and then at Regent University, for Biblical Studies and Theology.

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Our carefully chosen and highly trained staff is here to exceed your expectations.

The same goals go for our elegant products dedicated to guests comfort and our devotion to innovation and artistry.


David Bullock

David Bullock

Vice President

Sasha Carr

Sasha Carr

Team Coordinator

Kevin Harris

Kevin Harris

Senior Sales Rep.

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Our trusted  and carefully chosen Affiliates can assist in our products.

The same goals go for our elegant products dedicated to guests comfort and our devotion to innovation and artistry.


Corey Ellis

Corey Ellis

Affiliate - Maryland

Jay Marshall

Jay Marshall

Affiliate - Arkansas